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Selbstportrait des Künstlers Carsten Breuer, gemalt 2019


The focus is on art, such as modern art and pop art, i.e. everything to do with lots of color and young and cheeky statements. The basis of most images lies on the Internet – making analog what was digitized again.

Back to the roots.

Szene mit Robert DeNiro und Al Pacino

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Auf der Art Madrid 2023 eine tolle Location für meine Bilder


What does someone like that actually do and why and how does he get there???

roots in the pot

I am an artist from the heart of the Ruhr area. My art is anchored in modern art or pop art. Most of my pictures are motifs from the Internet, which he brings back in my "way" from the digital to the analog using a brush. Enjoy viewing its kind.

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Here you can find my car series

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Wiedemann Collection.

Wenn die Kunstinterssierten zu deinem Bild gefürht werden und du nichts versteht was über dein Bild gesagt wird!


Current / Upcoming

art3f Monaco 2023

from August 25 - August 27, 2023

Chapiteau de Fontvieille - 5 Av. des Ligures - 98000 Monaco

SwissArt Expo 2023

from 06 - 10 September 2023

SBB event hall Zurich

This picture of me was awarded at Art Madrid 2023.

past exhibitions

Exhibitions & art fairs

fine arts - Lembeck Castle August 2022

Schloss 1 - 46286 Dorsten-Lembeck

Exhibition at the law firm Dirk & Birth Fischer - September 2022 

Girardetstrasse 1 | 4th floor - 45131 Essen

Art Trail 2022 – In the garage 13 - September 2022 

Maxstraße 13 (underground car park entrance) - 45127 Essen

Autumn collective "Pareidolias" 2022  -GALERÌA UXVAL GOCHEZ (Barcelona) - November - December 2022

Carrer Trafalgar 36 - Barcelona 08010

Art Basel Miami 2022 - Artbox.Project Miami 3.0 - November - December 2022

As part of Miami Artweek 2022

EXPOSICIÓN CELECTIVA- January 13 - January 20, 2023

Galeria de Arte Gaudi - Calle de García de Paredes 76 - 28010 Madrid, Spain

Art Madrid 2023- February 2023

Cibeles Palace's Crystal Gallery - 1 Montalbán St., near Plaza de Cibeles, Downtown Madrid

Monaco Art Fair 2023- August 2023

Chapiteau de Fontvieille - 5 Avenue des Ligures 98000 Monaco

Opening Atelier Bottrop- October 2023

Vernissage in Bottrop

See later - secret- November 2023


Exhibition Barcelona 2022 it was very exhausting but worth the experience.


> born 1966 in Fritzlar
> since 1969 whole Essener
> Graduated from high school in Essen
> Apprenticeship as a graphic designer at E/P-Hennig in D'Dorf
> Among other things in the studio Michael Schirner D'Dorf
> Additional training as a lithographer at E/S/N in D'Dorf
> 1995 self-employed with B&B Design Wuppertal
> 1998 co-founder of the substance advertising agency in Essen
> During this time several awards for direct mails 
> Since 2001 owner & Founder of B4:Media GmbH
> Back in art since 2017
> Since 2022 at many exhibitions & Art fairs on the way
A self portrait of me, which I painted in 2019


about art…

what is art Where does art begin and where does it end? Legitimate questions for those who absolutely need answers here. 

However, art also has many backgrounds, one wants to make a clear statement on a specific topic that concerns him, another wants to depict the beautiful things that touch him, and yet another wants to provoke in order to set a thought process in motion or initiate change .

My motives are a mixture of everything, I like to provoke, but I also like to put memories or people who have moved things in their life, who were idols or role models for me, in "my picture"! I present them as I perceive them.

But I'm not reinventing the wheel here, I'm just using what the digital world on the Internet has to offer and bringing these digital images back into the analogue world.

Transformation in my own way, transformation in color with the essence in black & presented in white and transformation into deceleration.

über mich
Art Madrid 2023
Palermo New Years Art
art3F Brüssel 2022
art3F Brüssel 2022
Exhibition Kollektiv Barcelona 2022
Exhibition Kollektiv Barcelona


In Fuhlenbrock 168 | 46242 Bottrop

Danke für's Absenden!

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